Blackbeard Bearded Dragons: 9 Top Reasons (and When to Worry) (2023)

An alarming sight for many first-time owners, a black-bearded bearded dragon can often cause worry and concern!

I mean, let's face it... the scales on your bear's neck and chin are going to turn completely black.Exactlysounds like a happy or friendly physical response, right?

Of course, you want to know why exactly your friend transforms from a perfectly normal dragon into a blackbearded dragon in a matter of seconds.

If you've ever browsed this site or read a lot about bearded dragons then you've probably already guessed that the reason why your bearded dragons have black beards could be due to several reasons.

Being elusive by nature, bearded cats love to keep their owners guessing not only how they behave, but why they behave the way they do.

Fortunately, a bearded dragon's beard that darkens is very hard to miss. This means you have an advantage when it comes to quickly finding out if something is wrong with your beard.

Because when it comes to the health of our pet, time is undoubtedly the decisive factor.

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Why do bearded dragons turn black?

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similar toother bearded dragon behaviorThere is no single reason why bearded men sport a black beard. From the reasons internal to your environment, it's up to you to pay attention and put your thinking cap on to determine what is affecting them.

To learn more about the specific reasons, read on to discover the top 9 reasons bearded dragons show a black beard below!

Reason #1:You feel threatened/anxious

Much like a cat, who may hiss or howl, a bearded dragon will try to scare off what they perceive as a blackbeard threat.

A black beard is a sign of distress and a warning to those around you that they may be seen as a threat.

(Video) GRUMPY OLD BEARDED DRAGON Eats His Roach! Black Beard! #shorts

In the wild, it is not uncommon to see male bearded dragons sporting a black beard when they meet. Think of it as your attempt to bully each other.

Helast thingevery bearded dragon wants another male to invade its territory and attack its ladies...

This brings us directly to reason #2...

Reason #2: They are looking for partners

Okay, okay, maybe a little TMI, but it's absolutely true!

Male bearded dragons looking to mate often sport black beards quite regularly, especially when in the presence of a female.

Don't be surprised if you see your bearded dragon with a black beard in the spring. I've even heard of owners saying they think their male bears are flirting with them!

If you suspect your bearded dragon is sporting a black beard because it's that time of year again, pay extra attention to see if you notice anything.moving the headas well as.

A nod and a black beard almost always go hand in hand when bearded men want to sow their oats.

Reason #3: You're Angry/Upset

Like a small child's face that swells and blushes with rage,A bearded dragon's beard usually turns black when it is angry or upset.

Think of it as your way of saying, "I'm NOT happy right now, so don't mess with me!"

I've seen bearded dragons exhibit this behavior many times.when in the bathroomor near other pets. It's a clear indication that whatever is going on around them is bothering them enough that you can step in and fix the situation.

Ultimately, there is no need to put your dragon in distressing situations, this will just test its immune system and stress it out. Try to keep them happy and content by acting in their best interest.

What if they don't like bathrooms? Instead, try spraying them or putting drops of water on their snouts so they can lick them off. Just bathe them to help with dandruff.

If the family dog ​​is bothering you (which it should!), try to keep the dog out of the room your tank is in, and for God's sake, never place them opposite or next to each other. This is especially true of the family cat.

Reason #4: You are sick

Blackbeard Bearded Dragons: 9 Top Reasons (and When to Worry) (2)

(Video) Reasons Why Your Bearded Dragon's Beard Is BLACK !!

A black beard is usually one of the first signs that your bearded dragon is not doing well..

In the wild, bearded dragons will do anything to hide the fact that they are sick or injured, as they will certainly be an easy target for predators.

And unfortunately for us pet lovers, this behavior is so ingrained that they exhibit it in captivity too!

That means we have to payparticularly attentiveto our bears as they will do their best to update us with their health.

Well of course there isOther Signs Your Bearded Dragon Might Be SickTherefore, I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with something other than that of the black beard.

Knowing the obvious signs of a sick bearded dragon is the key to combating serious illnesses such as:metabolic bone diseaseYyellow mushroommove on before they get out of hand.

Reason #5: They Feel Territorial

If you have two bearded dragons together in the same tank...WHY? And second, be prepared for some pretty bad (potentially deadly) turf fights, including Blackbeard!

Bearded dragons should never be housed together. As loners, they shouldn't share space with each other.

From bleeding limbs to deaths, this living situation is nothing short of reptile abuse and should be avoided at all costs.

A man and a woman cause constant sexual harassment to the woman, and can also include fighting.

Will the male try to partially mate with the female all the time, and should she fight back and say no? Expect a fight where the biggest lizard, usually the male, will always win.

Your poor wife will always lose in this scenario. Even though she is much larger and can hold her own against the male during mating and fighting, the constant stress alone is enough for her.

If you want to mate with bearded dragons, you need to educate yourself.Proper Breeding Protocol for Bearded Dragonsto ensure that the father, mother and babies are healthy and happy.

To be two women together can also lead to fights or bullying.

While this match is less likely to turn violent or deadly, it still isn't the ideal host. Even bearded dragons that are nestmates will likely fight over space, food, warmth, and more.

(Video) Black Beard Dragons 1st Mating : Blackbeard & Queen Anne

Usually in these cases the younger sister will have a hard time getting enough to eat or sunbathe without being attacked by the older sister.

The only time bearded dragons should live together is when they are born, under the watchful eye of a polite breeder.

Of course, as 20 or more Barbets can hatch per litter, it would be difficult to separate them all, so I understand they will be housed together for the first two months or so before they find a home.

Reason #6: They Don't Trust You

Blackbeard Bearded Dragons: 9 Top Reasons (and When to Worry) (3)

If you've recently adopted a bearded dragon, don't be surprised if you notice it has a black beard for the first few days or even weeks. What really happens is that they adapt to you.

I mean, think of it like this...

In the eyes of your bearded dragons, all of a sudden, their whole world is completely different! Not only are they presided over by a giant creature, but even the complex they find themselves in is strange!

Pretty hard to blame the guy with the black beard, given how she must be feeling in this situation, right?Don't take things personally when you're going through this.

What you can do to speed up the process of them learning to enjoy your company is as follows:Practice specific bonding exercises.this will help them to really like and trust you.

Reason #7: You Feel Needed

Have you ever taken your bearded dragon out to cuddle or play with only to put it back in its tank and instantly see a black beard?

Or how about you look at your bearded dragon in his tank and he's acting perfectly normal... and then the next thing you know he's staring into the glass and staring back at you with a black beard?

If any of these cases sound familiar, rest assured your son or daughter is just looking for good old-fashioned care!

You see, just like our furry friends, bearded dragons can also take special time to bond with you and really enjoy their time outside the tank.

I mean, how would you like to be stuck in the same room all day when you could be outside and getting special attention or treats from a giant who loves you?

(Video) How We Saved this Dying Bearded Dragon

If you suspect your bearded dragon has suddenly turned black and everything seems fine, ask yourself, "When was the last time he got out of his tank?" or "Maybe you want to snuggle with me or enjoy a treat?"

Reason #8: You've had Brumat recently and you're readjusting

It is not uncommon for bearded dragons that have recently emerged from brumation to become a little irritable.

From getting used to spending long hours in daylight and restoring appetite, people who sleep a lot can affect a bear's attitude!

So don't be particularly alarmed if your bearded dragon shows a black beard after a few days or a week, especially if the buzzing is mild. Be patient and give them a little time to readjust. You will be done in no time!

But what if you're new to all this Brumation stuff? No problem!Here's everything you NEED to know...

Reason #9: You're Cold and Trying to Warm Up

Blackbeard Bearded Dragons: 9 Top Reasons (and When to Worry) (4)

In fact, if your Bearded Dragon is cold, it may darken its entire body to try to absorb and attract more heat.

now hebest wayOf course, to determine if they're cold, they need to measure the different temperature zones in their cabinet.

As a reminder, the warm side of the tank should be between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit for adults and 105 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit for babies. On the cool side, try to keep it between 80 and 85, or around 90 for toddlers.

Since these cheap adhesive dials are notorious for giving inaccurate temperature readings (up to 20 degrees!), you'll want this.Make sure you are using the CORRECT thermometerto get an accurate reading.

After all, your bear's health and happiness depend on it.

Blackbeard Bearded Dragon Pack

So there you have it! I hope you found this article helpful in understanding some of the many reasons why your bearded dragon might sport a black beard.

Outside ofunderlying health issuesI just want to snuggle a little, the reasons will be very different.

Now, with that being said, I don't want to scare you into thinking that a black beardAlwaysindicates something very serious. This is not the case. I see how you should never ignore a man with a black beard.

The best advice I can give you isAlways follow your instinct.

(Video) 5 Signs Your Bearded Dragon Is Sad! *Watch If You Own A Bearded Dragon*

You know your bearded dragon better than anyone else, and if everything looks fine, chances are he has a black beard for no major reason or concern.


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