Can remote start damage the alternator? (Explained) - Get easy-to-implement car tips (2023)

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One of the most important elements of the car is the alternator. This is because the vehicle is immobilized in the event of a breakdown.

The alternator is present in almost all modern car models.

Remote start will not harm your car's alternator. As long as it is properly repaired by an experienced technician, it will not have any adverse effect on your car. It is also good for car engines, especially cars with diesel or turbocharged engines.

What is a car alternator?

Can remote start damage the alternator? (Explained) - Get easy-to-implement car tips (1)

The main role ofGeneratorIt is the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy.

This allows the car to charge the battery while you are driving. When the engine is one, the alternator serves as a constant charge source for the battery.

The alternator is located on the left front of the engine and starts working when the engine is started.

The car alternator is electronic and its main function is to charge the car battery while driving.

However, if the battery is discharged, the alternator will not be able to charge it.

The alternator regulates the current used by various car components so that they continue to run while the vehicle is moving.

The alternator's first task is to maintain the battery charge and recharge it after the first start.

This is contrary to the popular belief of some, nothing runs on a battery.

In the car, the alternator generates the electricity for all electrical components.

This includes ignition, power windows and locks, computers, interior and exterior lights, and radio.

Any problem with the car alternator requires specialist involvement.

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The alternator powers the car's battery and all of the car's electrical devices.

In some cases, energy consumption may be greater than what the alternator can provide.

This can happen when the rear window defogger and headlights are on.

When this happens, the charge falls on the battery, causing it to discharge.

On the other hand, Remote Engine Start (RES) is a joy, especially in very hot or cold weather.

This allows car owners to start their vehicle from the comfort of their home, office or virtually anywhere.

This allows the car to heat up or cool down automatically.

In winter conditions, RES not only allows drivers to sit in the car warm without feeling uncomfortable in sub-zero temperatures.

Also, there is no need to wait for the engine to warm up.

This gives the vehicle owner the advantage of being able to drive without delay.

However, from a mechanical point of view, remote start technology is complicated. However, from the users' point of view, it's simple and straightforward.

It usually requires pressing one or more buttons on a key fob or a "start" command on a smartphone app.

In both cases, the vehicle must be within a certain distance for the system to work.

With a key fob, the operating range of the RES can be 400 to 700 feet.

This could easily include a driveway or curb in front of a typical home.

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But not for those who live in an apartment or work in commercial offices.

Your car may be out of range of the system or in a completely separate structure.

In these cases, however, a smartphone-based remote launch app works best.

This allows for a range of up to a mile, and in some cases even more.

Can remote starting damage the alternator?

Most people today fall victim to the myth that remote starting will ruin the alternator.

This is the damaged myth about remote starting and alternator. This article will certainly put your mind at ease.

However, there is a consensus among mechanics that remote starters are good for a car's engine, especially cars with diesel or turbo engines.

When people think that a remote start has ruined the car, one must think or hear that a bad installer or faulty hardware has ruined some function of the car.

Can remote start cause problems?

The truth is that a properly installed quality system will not harm your car's alternator and engine.

Incidents where cars stalled or even caught fire often occurred because they were not installed correctly.

Extremely cheap systems are also unreliable.

This article will debunk some common remote control myths that some believe that remote starters can damage a car's alternator.

The answer to the question of whether remote starting can damage a car's alternator is no.

Can remote starting affect the engine?

The common misconception that remote starts increase engine wear is incorrect.

As mentioned above, according to mechanics, remote starters are good for the car engine, especially for vehicles with diesel or turbocharged engines.

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Remote starters are good for car engines because they warm up the engine before driving.

Car oil thickens in cold weather. So you don't have to worry about alternator damage.

Can remote start use more gas?

The myth that the remote start function increases the car's fuel consumption is also not entirely true.

There is the possibility of consuming more fuel if the user starts the car and lets it run for half an hour or more while preparing to use the car.

One of the advantages of using the remote trigger is that you can turn the vehicle's heated seats.

Can be configured to automatically turn on at a set temperature when remotely started by the user.

Can remote start drain the battery?

It's important to realize that using remote starting is unlikely to have a negative impact on your alternator.

But fuel burns at idle and releases harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The more a driver tends to let remote start idle, the more damage is done to the environment at the expense of the person's physical well-being.

Remote start can also drain the car's battery.

This happens when using a remote start, the battery drains faster than if the user started the engine manually by turning the key in the ignition.

However, any car that is started with the remote starter can be idle for a total of 20 minutes. The engine can automatically shut down after 10 minutes.

But the car can be started remotely as many times as you like for another 10 minutes.

Using a remote start will give the vehicle additional time to reach normal operating temperature.

It warms up the engine and makes the oil less viscous, allowing it to flow freely through the engine.

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Based on test results, automatic stop and start systems offer a five to seven percent improvement in fuel economy.

Automatic stop-start systems help reduce carbon emissions compared to tests performed on the same vehicle with the automatic stop-start system disabled.

In all these cases, the biggest benefit of a remote start system is the convenience and comfort it provides.

Regardless of the weather, a person can start their car and let it warm up or cool down and be ready to drive as soon as they get in.

All this can be done without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Does installing Remote Start void the warranty?

Having a professionally installed remote starter will not void your vehicle's warranty.

Vehicle manufacturers are legally prohibited from doing so under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975.

The voiding of a warranty due to the addition of aftermarket products is prohibited by law.

Unless the FTC has determined that the specific product causes errors.

If there is a problem with your remote that is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, it is the responsibility of the workshop that installed it to resolve the problem.

Can you install a remote boot yourself?

As remote launcher installation is a tedious and complex process, you should have remote launcher installed by a professional.

Get a professional who understands the complexities of the system and wiring.

Over the years, vehicles have become more complex, and this complexity can pose a problem if you don't have adequate knowledge of the systems involved.

However, the alternator as the main power source can also cause problems.

There are two types of alternator problems or damage: mechanical or electrical.

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Mechanics is a failure of fasteners, bearings. The electrical ones are broken windings, faulty diode bridges.

Alternator failure is obvious and not unexpected.

If the driver is attentive and attentive, there is time to minimize problems.


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