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Ok I understand you may not be willing or willing to pay for a vet but I think you don't understand or know much about Yellow Fungus and I hope we can clear that up because if Yellow really does have fungus then topical treatment is not a problem! option! PERIOD! So please, I am literally begging you to pay Tracie the $19 so she can at least find out if she really does have yellow fungus or if it is some other type of yeast infection that can be successfully treated with over-the-counter topical medications. antifungal medication. ***** The other thing this test will do for you is if it's not a yellow fungus but some other fungus infection (it's definitely a fungus infection, no question about that), it will tell you what fungus is causing it, and then you can go online and research the specific type of yeast infection you have and find out which over-the-counter topical antifungal will successfully treat it. Lamisil does not treat all fungal infections, there are 5-10 topical antifungal medications available without a prescription, and you need to know which fungus is causing your infection to know which medication to use. So this should be obvious to you, Tracie really stood up for her Beardie here, enjoy her kindness.


Unfortunately, yellow fungus has become very common in all captive bred bearded dragons and the number of diagnosed infections has skyrocketed in the last 5 years. It doesn't matter if you purchased your bearded dragon from a private pet store, a large pet store like Petco or PetSmart, from a local breeder or a large, well-known breeder, Yellow Fungus infects bearded dragons from all sources. as well as other reptiles. It is extremely contagious. So if your 2 dragons were kept together and the one with the infection tested positive for yellow fungus, rest assured, your other dragon unfortunately has yellow fungus too... and FYI, even if he doesn't have yellow fungus They really do have some kind of yeast infection, and almost all yeast infections are just as contagious as the yellow fungus. I don't know where you got them, but if they've been in a tank with other dragons, they probably all have this infection. SO I WILL CALL THE BREEDER YOU BOUGHT THEM FROM OR CALL/GO BACK TO THE PET STORE YOU BOUGHT THEM FROM AND TELL THEM BECAUSE THEY PROBABLY HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM AND ALL THEIR BEARDED DRAGONS AND OTHER REPTILES ARE PROBABLY SICK. YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT THIS IS A POTENTIALLY YELLOW MUSHROOM SO YOU CAN TEST IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE...

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FYI, please don't do Betadine "baths" where you submerge your entire kite in water. It doesn't matter if it's a yellow fungus or some other type of fungus, moisture feeds the fungus and most fungal infections will spread further if you get wet, whether the water contains povidone-iodine or not. Instead of putting it in a "bath" or standing water, just add the povidone-iodine to the warm water, then soak it with a sterile gauze or, better yet, some of those big, long, sterile cotton swabs and medical grade dips. . Pour it into one of these in the diluted Betadine and APPLY THE ANTISEPTIC ONLY IN THE AREAS WHERE YOU HAVE ACTIVELY GROWING FUNGI. I know that drenching your entire body in diluted Betadine will not only cleanse and treat the already affected areas, it will also protect your healthy, uninfected external areas from infection, but you are really just spreading the external fungus over your body. . Therefore, only use a sterile applicator to apply diluted Betadine to the affected areas only, and be sure to pat these areas dry and make sure they are completely dry before applying any topical antifungal cream, because when still wet, the cream can block the moisture on their scales, and this in turn will only cause the fungal infection to spread, no matter what type of fungal infection it is.

You absolutely should separate your 2 bearded males immediately, if you haven't already, you can't keep 2 males together in the same enclosure anyway, that's a big no-no as you'll be coming home safely with a dragon seriously injured or killed. , or dragons... 2 males never, never, never work. In this particular case, whatever yeast infection one has, chances are the other has it too, but if it's still showing no outward signs, there's still a chance. Then separate them right away, and if you haven't already completely disinfected the sick compartment inside and out, and everything in the sick compartment and all the lamps, lamps, I mean, you have to disinfect EVERYTHING inside, outside, and around this compartment around with bleach and very hot water, F10 disinfectant and hot water (TOP CHOICE) or Hibiclens and very hot water. IF THIS IS NOT A YELLOW FUNGUS BUT MORE THAN ANOTHER TYPE OF FUNGUS, YOU MAY BE ABLE TO TREAT IT EXTERNALLY LIKE YOU DO, BUT NOT IF YOU ARE CONSTANTLY EXPOSED TO THE SOURCE OF THE FUNGUS, THIS IS NO DOUBT THE WHOLE CASE AND ALL THAT TOUCHES. STILL INFECTED. PLEASE DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT YET.

***** I sincerely hope you read this post as I have seen so many bearded dragons with yellow mushrooms that my stomach dropped when I saw the photo of your poor mustache you posted. She definitely has some sort of fungal infection and it's already spreading from the base of her tail down to her two hind legs and most likely down her tail, on her hind legs and around the vent area. WHICH WILL CONTINUE YOUR STOMACH WILL SEPARATE. This is the nature of virtually ALL fungal infections, but especially yellow fungus. Because of this, you should stop taking Betadine baths altogether, it only makes things worse.

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I want to explain why you absolutely have to pay Tracie $19 to test you for the yellow fungus and by the way, it's very important that Tracie is willing to do this for you and why Tracie is willing to do this to get this done. . you, because she also knows the consequences of Yellow Fungus and what will happen to poor bearded dragon of hers (or probably both) if she really does have Yellow Fungus and keeps over-treating it topically. over-the-counter antifungal creams. ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, YELLOW SCREEN CANNOT BE SUCCESSFULLY TREATED WITH TOPICAL, EXTERNAL ANTIFUNGAL DRUGS alone. I JUST CAN NOT. PERIOD. AND THE HORROR OF SEEING WHAT HAPPENS TO A BEARDED DRAGON WHICH TURNS YELLOW AND HAS NOT RECEIVED BOTH THE PROPER DAILY ORAL ANTIFUNGAL MEDICINE AND THE WEEKLY OR MONTHLY INJECTABLE ANTIFUNGAL MEDICINE (and many times they also develop secondary bacterial infections from the open wounds and also require antibiotic treatments), I WANT TO MAKE SURE THEY UNDERSTAND WHY THEY HAVE TO PAY TRACIE THE $19 TO AT LEAST KNOW IF HE REALLY HAS YELLOW SWIMMERS OR NOT AND SERIOUSLY DOESN'T GIVE HER THE CORRECT TREATMENT IF HE REALLY HAS YELLOW SWIMMERS. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING YELLOW AND YOU ONLY CONTINUE TREATMENT WITH TOPICAL MEDICINES. IT'S NOT FRESH.

If the $19 Yellow Fungus test comes back negative, you know that neither he nor his other dragon have Yellow Fungus, but some other fungal infection, most of which can be successfully treated with external topical antifungals alone. That's wonderful when that's the result. IF THE TEST IS POSITIVE FOR YELLOW SCREEN, WHICH MEANS BOTH DRAGONS PROBABLY HAVE YELLOW SCREEN, YOU CAN'T CURRENTLY TREAT IT AND DO IT RIGHT. NOT WELL.

***Yellow fungus first appears visibly on the skin or outer scales of a bearded dragon, usually appearing first in one or two small areas or one large area. In fact, it grows inside the dragon for a while before it is seen on the outside and before you know it. So the topical infection continues to spread, and 99% of the time the following occurs: The owner will usually try to treat the yeast infection first with topical antifungal creams and betadine. They usually do this 2-3 times a day, avoid bathing the dragon altogether, and often also give the dragon recommended natural supplements that can boost the immune system and maintain appetite. They give these topical treatments every day 2 or 3 times a day for weeks maybe a month or more and the external fungal infection starts to go away on its own because of the topical treatments they are doing or the dragon goes to the shed and remove the area or areas that have the external infection and after removal, all signs of the infection are gone! They come back here and are very happy to report that after a month of topical treatment with Lamisil and Betadine, maybe two months of treatment, all signs of yellow fungus are gone! Your Beardie is eating well and is active and happy! And they keep us updated every day on how well the dragon is doing, no sign of the yellow fungus and it usually takes 2 weeks to a month...and then BAM! They come back totally devastated because they literally went to bed, everything is fine, and when they wake up, their dragon now has another patch of the yellow frustration, they immediately start the same topical treatments again, but not this time. work, na In fact, this time, the infection is completely out of control. Every day they do 2-3 topical treatments of Lamisil and Betadine, they go to Walmart once a week and buy another antifungal cream or spray, they try Hibiclens instead of Betadine, they even steal an oral Diflucan pill from the mother who gave it to her. take for fungal infections (wrong drug, doesn't work). And every day the infection spreads and spreads and grows and grows, and this time it's taking over entire parts of the body. They are asking for help, but all we can tell them is to take the dragon to a vet, as the yellow fungus has been growing inside it all this time before appearing outside and is now covering all its organs, muscles and everything. the body. lower part of its endoderm.

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When it gets to the point where the dragon has yellow fungus on all areas of the body, internally it has been continuously growing since you noticed it externally. And at this point, even oral medications and injections usually don't help, and the dragon must be humanely put to sleep. I have seen yellow fungus dragons that had never started taking oral antifungals, only topical antifungals and antiseptics actually have feet, legs, tails, and large chunks of meat literally falling off. It takes over the head and face and they lose their eyes and ears.

I don't want to be explicit, but that's why you have to spend at least $19 to find out if it has yellow fungus. It's a great price and a wonderful thing that Tracie offered you because she knows what will happen to your tardigrade, your two tardigrades, if they really do have yellow fungus and you treat them topically at home. Unless it's a yellow fungus and another large fungus, treat it topically and you'll probably treat it successfully. But you must know. Because if you do test positive for Yellow Fungus, even if Yellow Fungus is caught extremely early and oral and topical antifungals are right, you definitely have to make a tough decision on prescribed oral and topical treatment with occasional injections from an experienced reptile vet. The medication is started right away, but it usually takes months and months to get rid of it... either you have to turn it over to a reputable reptile rescue so they can treat it properly, or some individuals are euthanized at that point... The point is that it is imperative that you know if you have it so that you can make an informed decision about what to do for it. So pay at least the $19 and find out what you're up against before it goes undealt for too long.


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