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There's something incredibly comforting about going to Taco Bell and choosing from a selection of Mexican-inspired fast food. It's quick, salty, cheesy, crunchy and tasty; What more could you want from your snack?

The nearly endless combination of beans or meat, cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, and crunchy or chewy packaging means that Taco Bell offers plenty of variety and is also quite affordable.

However, some people find that they have to run to the nearest bathroom after eating. Today, we want to break down some ingredients in a Taco Bell meal that can make you poop.

We'll cover what they are, why they might be pooping on you, and how to change your order so you can enjoy your Taco Bell without the potty side effects.

Why does Taco Bell make you poop?It could be one or more of the following issues: the spice capsaicin, a reaction to cheese or sour cream due to lactose intolerance, too much fiber from beans, or a reaction to beef.

Keep reading to learn more about how certain foods at Taco Bell can make you poop and how you can customize your order so you don't have to run to the bathroom right away!

What ingredients in Taco Bell make you poop?

The problem with Taco Bell is that not everyone is going to react to the same things in their food, so there may be a number of menu items that make you want to find a restroom.

Below, I'll describe some of the most common culprits..

It might take a little trial and error on your part to figure out which ingredients make you poop, but at least it'll be a delicious experiment while you figure it out!

Why does Taco Bell make you poop? could be himSpice up

The first place to investigate whether to eattaco Bellwhat sucks is the spice level of the food you order.

The spice in your food comes from a compound in chili peppers called capsaicin. This component gives the burning sensation to spicy foods.

Technically, capsaicin is irritating to the human body, especially those who have sensitive digestive systems or are not very fond of spices..

It produces a burning sensation on contact that can produce a laxative effect in some people.

This laxative effect is one of the things about Taco Bell that can make you feel like pooping after eating your favorite food.

If you think condiments might be an issue for you, you can always ask for a mild hot sauce, leave the sauce on the side, or just skip the hot sauce..

If your Taco Bell experience proves that hot sauces and condiments make you poop after eating, it's best to avoid dishes that are inherently spicy.

However, if you know you can eat other spicy foods without a problem, your trigger could be one of the following.

Why does Taco Bell make you poop? could be himdairy

Cheese and sour cream are delicious ingredients in any taco, chalupa, burrito, quesadilla, gordita or crispy wrap. Unfortunately, a large population in North America may be lactose intolerant.

And what is one of the main symptoms of lactose intolerance? The urgent need to find a toilet as soon as possible after eating dairy products such as cheese or sour cream..

The main problem with lactose intolerance is that people who suffer from it lack the digestive enzyme that breaks down lactose.

When people are children, their small intestine produces an enzyme called lactase, which breaks down the milk sugar, lactose.

As we age, we tend to produce less or less of this enzyme. This means that milk sugars are not digested and pass through our digestive system.

When those sugars wear off, they can cause bloating, bloating, indigestion, and, you guessed it, the urge to poop!If lactose intolerance is your issue, you'll likely notice symptoms within 1 to 2 hours of consuming your Taco Bell meal..

If you find that lactose or dairy is your issue, you can easily adjust your order by asking them to omit the cheese or sour cream. What should be noted here is that some people may not respond as strongly to theNataand the cheese.

Cheese tends to have much less lactose than sour cream, so it may be easier for those with mild lactose intolerance to digest. We suggest doing an experiment where you have your regular order of Taco Bell with sour cream and cheese.

Next time order with just cheese and next time just with sour cream. And finally order, no cheese or sour cream..

After each order, track how you're feeling to figure out what might be the culprit and so you don't throw away something tasty if it doesn't make you shit.

Why does Taco Bell make you poop? could be himbeans

Another culprit that can send you running to the bathroom after your Taco Bell meal could be beans.

Beans are generally a delicious and nutritious food. However, they are also packed with fiber, some of which is difficult for some people to break down.

Each cup of beans contains about 10 grams of fiber, which is a huge amount! Fiber tends to draw water into the digestive system and helps move things along..

This process can make some people run a little longer to the bathroom if they are not used to eating beans.

Beans also contain a carbohydrate called oligosaccharides that are not digested until they reach the colon. There they become food for the bacteria that live in the digestive tract, which can cause gas and bloating.

So if you're low on gas and running to the bathroom after your Taco Bell meal, it might be the beans in your order..

All you have to do to correct this reaction is ask her to leave the beans off your plate and maybe add more meat.

Or, you can order a bean-free meal and not have to worry about making adjustments. There are many delicious options to choose from without beans.

Why does Taco Bell make you poop? could be himbovine meat

Another Taco Bell Food That Might Make You Poop Is ThisMinced meat.

Some people simply don't have the stomach acid to properly break down and digest large amounts of animal protein and fat, which can cause them to fly through the digestive system..

It could also be the combination of spices and meat that sends you running to the bathroom, so opting for a softer beef taco might be a good option.

If you find that Taco Bell's meat gives you shit, you can always order beans (as long as it's not another trigger for you!) or jerk chicken.

How to Replace Your Taco Bell Meals to Protect Your Belly

Now that you've figured out which ingredients in Taco Bell could be causing digestive issues, let's take a look at how you can change up your meals so you don't have to run to the bathroom after each visit.

  • Swap the meat for beans or chicken.If you find that beef causes digestive problems, see if you can substitute other menu items, such as seasoned chicken or beans.
  • Limit your hot sauce.If you react to the heat of capsaicin (remember, it's irritating to the human body!), you can always ask for mild seasoning or no seasoning on your Taco Bell meals. Lots of options to choose from, just make sure you tell them they have no flavor!
  • Change the beans.Another common culprit for bathroom trips after Taco Bell can be beans, as they are loaded with fiber and indigestible oligosaccharides. If beans give you trouble, ask for more meat or substitute chicken.
  • Avoid the beans.If you don't want beans, you can also order dishes that don't contain beans, such as tacos and other specialties.
  • Order without cheese.If you find that lactose intolerance is your main concern, ask to have it removed from your diet. Remember, you can test whether cheese or sour cream or both are causing your problems. See my suggestions above!
  • Don't ask for sour cream.Sour cream tends to contain more lactose than cheese, so people who like cheese sometimes need to ask that sour cream not be included in their meals. It's easy not to ask for sour cream. And remember, you can test whether you have a reaction to cheese, sour cream, or both.

Why does Taco Bell cause an upset stomach?

We think it's important to note that not everyone who eats Taco Bell immediately has a bowel movement or an upset stomach, but some people do.

And not everyone is going to poop right after eating their favorite food, some people may experience an upset stomach.

Why does Taco Bell cause an upset stomach? It can be caused by too much dairy, too many beans, too many spices, or too much fat in the diet.. I go into more detail below.

Many of the same components that make people poop after eatingtacosBell can also cause an upset stomach with or without going to the bathroom.

Some of the most common culprits that cause an upset stomach after eating Taco Bell include:

  • a lot of milkSome people with lactose intolerance respond with abdominal pain, gas, and gas instead of running to the bathroom.
  • Lots of beans.Beans are delicious, nutritious and filling. They're also packed with fiber and a carbohydrate called oligosaccharides, which can cause gas and bloating because people can have a hard time breaking them down in the digestive tract.
  • Too hot.The hot component of chili peppers is called capsaicin, and this plant compound is technically an irritant to the human body. This irritation causes a burning sensation of heat when you eat something spicy.
  • Very thick.Fat can be difficult for some people to get rid of, especially if you have gallbladder issues. While Taco Bell is delicious, it can be high in fat due to the cheese, sour cream, and beef.

If you experience an upset stomach after eating at Taco Bell, it's worth investigating whether any of these things are causing your pain.

Once you've identified what's causing your discomfort, you can customize your order to enjoy your meal pain-free.

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